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Welcome to Little Feet Puppet Theater on Long Island, NY.

The stage fills with the tap, tap, tap of little feet.
The room fills with giggles, smiles and belly-laughs!

Join us at Little Feet Puppet Theater and enjoy the performances of our wooden hand-carved family and hand-painted marionettes. Each character brings to life a wonderful storybook world of imagination, creativity, and interactive fun...All within our newly designed air-conditioned indoor puppet theater ready to welcome children of all ages.

Let us introduce our family of characters, as we perform classic fairy tales along with our very own originally written tale "Neons World" the only puppet show performed under neon black lights only at Little Feet Puppet Theater. Children will be in awe as they watch our marionettes come glowing with adventure and story telling charm. Share their journey of danger on the quest to save the princess from the evil dragon.

Little Feet Puppet Theater is Located in Coram, NY.

Bring the entire family to share in the fun of old fashioned fun and story telling interactivity.

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